Bootleg Fundraiser this Weekend……


The Bootleg Belly are cooking up a feast for a fundraiser this Saturday inNorth Leeds. Can’t wait!

Bit of a French theme going on for the menu, which is:

– Cassoulet with herb crust and leek spaghetti

– Roast squash soup with goat’s cheese croutons

– Pan-fried fish (not sure what yet but it’ll be whatever looks good when I go shopping!) with a fish cream and crushed peas

– Roast pork belly with baked nectarines (sorry, I know, they’re not in season at the mo so it’s a bit bad form- but we were initially hosting this earlier in the year, so that’s my excuse!) and herby dauphinoise

– Poached pears in vino

We’re cooking for 32 so should be hectic but fun. Hopefully we’ll have time to take some photos of the food so we can let you know how it went 🙂



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