Fundraiser Success

Crispy belly pork delights...








Well, I’m pleased to report that the fundraiser went well last Saturday. 32 full guests and 400 quid raised!

I also learnt the following:

·         Veggie cassoulet doesn’t stay in a neat cylinder when heated, unlike its meaty counterpart

·         Frying 31 pieces of seabass so the skin side is crispy wasn’t as tricky as expected

·         Heating your plates in the warmer to the temperature of an apple pie filling (as purchased from a well-known fast food chain) will lead to very sore palms and fingers the next day

·         RK Harris in Headingley stock some of the tastiest pears I’ve ever eaten

·         We all need more crème fraiche in our lives

It was also a great buzz to be working a pass again, although I didn’t get to shout ‘SERVICE!’ Though if I had of done no doubt my mum (one of our marvellous waiting staff for the evening) would have clipped me round the ear for being bossy!


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