Oooohhh Vienna!!

In light of a recent culinary trip to Vienna to visit friends and commence the festive season just gone I thought we should share a little of the joy we encountered on our travels……

Summary of the great things in Vienna:

Christmas Markets


Sausage Stands


Let us not forget the so wrong but so right Schnitzel!!

One of the best things about the city is their enthusiasm   and dedication to the celebration of each season’s produce; and the amazing dishes that showcase this each month. For example, our visit was during the time of the  Goose, Pumpkin & Venison therefore that’s what was on offer and the speciality in each restaurant we went. 

And what do the Austrians do to celebrate winter in Vienna as opposed to complaining about the cold and hiding indoors……Wrap up warm and hang out at Christmas Markets sampling tasty treats and drink delicious hot punch!

The local Naschmarkt offers some amazing seasonal produce which lead to the indulgent purchase of a massive joint of beef for dinner one night  as well as the amazing meats and ‘Kaserland’ stall where we purchased our pudding of Brie infused with Truffle!


The most impressive activity of the break would be the ‘Wine Walk’ our host organised at a nearby picturesque village consisting of 23 different stops to taste amazing local wine for just 20 Euros!

At each stop the wine was accompanied by various home-made breads and delicious spreads – one of which consisted of pork lard on toast with rock salt!  – Justin’s thing, not mine!









2 thoughts on “Oooohhh Vienna!!

  1. Its great….. in small doses as only so many breaded products one can consume! It’s not too bad money wise, definitely no more than London town and the market food etc is so nice you don’t need to go out for posh nosh all the time and value for money I think.

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