Marinade Brigade

Our latest Supper Club in Leeds – Go Marinade brigade!

This month we decided to experiment with all things pickled, cured, marinated, soaked and infused, which we hoped would suit a winter larder…and winter showed up in abundance on the Saturday with Leeds’ first decent snowfall of the season forcing a few cars to be abandoned en route!!

Beetroot cured seabass

This was a theme that gave us lots of room to play and so we went for a 6-course menu that allowed us to try a variety of techniques and, hopefully, make for an interesting progression of courses. Both nights were full and from the kitchen we could hear the happy hubbub of animated conversation, which is always a great relief for a host in any dinner scenario.

We know there were differing favourites between the courses amongst our guests, as would be expected, but some of the things we got excited about and/or learnt were:

Bisque base...
  • How pretty beetroot-cured sea bass looks on a plate, like translucent petals…fortunately it also tastes good!
  • That an apple and cauliflower puree combination is ace and will be repeated again with pork-based Sunday dinners
  • When making parsnip rostis a 3:1 parsnip/potato ratio seemed to work the best
  • Sizzling platters are sold with a cast iron handle for a very good reason
Marinated pork, apple & cauliflower puree

 We can’t wait for Retrotastic and are busy working on the menu for these nights in March, which we’re already getting excited about. Can’t give away any clues yet I’m afraid but we’ll be going for a tasting menu style again to give maximum space for lots of different dishes.


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