Retrotastic Bootleg Supper……

Our latest Supper Club in Leeds (this weekend just gone) took our guests back to the 70 & 80’s with our take on some retro classics. This was our last supper until June as we are taking a break to get married so we wanted something memorable to tide us over until our return to Bootlegging.

You can check out our past menus for a summary of each course – but thought I would give a little more info for those who are interested as the menu doesn’t really give much away

The screw ball consisted of mozzarella foam, swirls of pesto puree, shredded basil, tomato and, instead of the chewing gum, a stuffed confit cherry tomato sneakily hidden at the bottom!

Next, our crispy parsley pancake was filled with seafood in a pernod and cream sauce, topped with breadcrumbs and served with samphire.

Our take on cauliflower cheese involved the trusty pasta machine working overtime for ravioli with a cauliflower, pecorino & blue cheese filling, topped with walnut butter – cheesy goodness indeed!

The Chicken Kievs were chicken legs filled with liver parfait & garlic butter, topped by an almond, herb & parmesan crust, and my personal favourite creation – chicken bon bons! Also known as prawn, sage & prosciutto wrapped in crispy chicken skin – so wrong but so good!

On to the sweeter section and what our guests expressed being most curious about – Egg & Soldiers. This involved an egg cup filled with vanilla custard, orange zest & topped with Italian meringue. With the essential maple brioche soldiers to dip in.

Finally, to finish the meal on a lighter note the lemon mivvi was in fact our homemade lemon sorbet with a berry dipping sauce.

We thoroughly enjoyed our little nod to Heston in trying to combine intense flavour combinations with a playful and creative presentation and hope our guests did too. Gizmos and gadgets were full steam ahead in the kitchen for this one and the pasta machine is currently recuperating in the south of France. Justin was disproportionally excited about finally getting to use both the kitchen thermometer and the food mixer for the Italian meringue before being let loose with the blowtorch for finishing…three gadgets, one dish…minted!!




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