For our latest Bootleg Supper  we went all out for our veggie 5-a-day extravaganza! Due to popular demand we decided to host 3 nights for our last (in the house) Supper Club!

Highlights included:

Being fortunate enough to get hold of some Borage and Marigold flowers for the summer salad despite the inclement weather. Apparently this looked like ‘Summer on a Plate’ (quote from Bootleg guest) and was especially scrummy with elderflower & cucumber dressing.

One of the favourite dishes was the courgette & tomato tagliatelle (the courgette ribbons being the replacement pasta) with fennel cream and confit tomato layered to add depth of flavour to the mix.    

Making pickled girolle mushrooms for the first time, went well with fondant potatoes in tarragon butter served with wild mushrooms in a marsala and lemon sauce.

Home-smoked goat’s cheese, courtesy of beech chips fired-up on the wok, was good fun and the smokiness (we think) works extremely well with carrot puree

            Yorkshire Ale bread is extra ace as the recipe doesn’t require use of the full bottle and we at the Bootleg Belly just hate waste….hic…..

You can’t go wrong with Lemon possett as an end of the meal crowd-pleaser – and I always think it important to make twice as much shortbread as you think you might need…just in case…which can be washed down with Yorkshire Ale should you have any to hand… 

Notes to self: with regards to the duck egg, onion rings & asparagus dish…Duck eggs are unpredictable – as we only used the egg yolk (best bit) and were initially easy to separate we were surprised that they took to randomly bursting whilst resting in ramekins, like some sly, fowl, yellow landmine, not to mention leaking whilst cooking- not the best dish for cooking on demand as part of 8/9 courses (without plenty spare). However, the crispy onion rings that went with them (when not being dipped in salt and munched by Lisa) made the effort worth while 🙂

Now on to planning our next Bootleg Supper events in Yorkshire venues tbc…….watch this space


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