Burgoo catering 2016

Burgoo Food  is about British, different and delicious food –  using all things great, British and (where possible) foraged.

Burgoo is our catering arm born out of The Bootleg Belly to bring a different dining experience to the good folk of Yorkshire. This involves running catering events and also setting up our stall out and about at festivals, celebrations and social gIMG_1357 (4)atherings (where people look hungry) serving our version of ‘street food’ style comfort dishes.

These tasty creations are made without a brioche bun or hot dog in sight for some seriously indigenous feasting.

Why Burgoo?

Traditionally the term ‘Burgoo’ was given to one pot sharing dishes served at social gatherings and celebrations – the idea was to make best use of whatever local produce was available – so that’s what we do!

Sample Burgoo Menu

Braised Carlin peas – roasted & pickled beetroot – rosemary & chili roasted Carlin peas – onion & yoghurt puree


Mushroom & porter pearl barley -, pickled mushrooms – crispy onions – coffee – onion & yoghurt puree


Charred cauliflower – thyme, buttermilk & cheese sauce – pickled cauliflower – crispy onions


Rosemary roasted new potatoes – spicy tomato & beetroot sauce –  rosemary & chili roasted Carlin peas – tomato jam


All the above are 5 pounds each and come served on sauteed greens with onions and flax seeds